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USDevblog #0 : New start !

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Hey everyone !

We are happy to meet you again for this Devblog 0, that we hope, you will like. Before entering in the heart of the subject, many precision are imposed.

"Devwhut !?"
Devblog, for development blog, in other words, a summary of this week’s progress. The Devblog is split into 4 section.
- Technical ( progress on LS:MP itself & the website )
- Community ( community projects, partnership & thanks )
- Documentation ( SDK & website’s developer section )
- Projects ( our gamemods & our ambitions about the release )

"Why Devblog 0 ?"
LS:MP is in development since end 2015, and at the time we were considering devblogs like useless : the community love them, Take-Two less. However, that is something you asked us and we are answering it. We are now posting a devblog every Sunday. The zero is not corresponding to a start but to a new era : it is not the start of LS:MP but a new way to interact with the community.

The Aperitif is over, let’s get to the meal !

I - Technical : where are we, where are we going ?

We wish to take the advantage of this devblog 0 to review the situation : where is LS:MP regarding our objectives ?
The mod itself is on the good way. A lot of things are still to add, change, adapt, etc…But all logic and elements needed to achieve our goal are here !

The same goes about the synchronization, because of the enormous work done in reverse engineering, everything or almost in perfectly synchronized : from the player ( animations, fights, vehicle driving... ) to the world ( weather, ambiance, traffic lights... ), however, some elements remain to do, like previously said "are still to add, change, adapt, etc…".

For advanced functionalities ( CEF integration, creation and synchronization of traffic, 3D voice chat ) there is still work to do but this is the same logic.

Network side, we need to do some improvements : little reminder LS:MP uses his own tools including the networking section. This needs enormous work maybe even more than LS:MP itself. This work is not in vain because it allows the best performance possible. LS:MP is a multiplayer mod, his heart is the network architecture.

Concerning the website and the forum LS:MP, a big work has been done on it during the end November / start December period, however, we decided to temporarily suspend his development to work more on LS:MP. We will keep you updated in future devblogs.


II - Community : news inbound, changes to expect !

We already announced it at the last year’s end but we are working on the status of "LS:MP Partner". This status will allow you to access LSMPServer earlier to start working on your dream’s server, and why not, make it available on the server list at the launch of LS:MP..
More about the status will arrive next week, meanwhile, we advise to every community wishing to work on LS:MP, to prepare a little summary on yourself.

III – Documentation : Zzzzzzz... Zzzzzzz...

Less glorious section of this Devblog 0, the documentation. Not a lot of work has been done on it since the last news, it is still a priority and we will try to solve the issue .

IV – Projects : Planes, Zombies et much more !

Last week, we presented you some illustration images of GTA Battleship, we will now reveal his functioning !

To remind you, it is a "Naval Battle" mod playable with more than a hundred player. When you will join the server, you will be placed in a team of a relative size depending on the numbers of player connected to it.

You will be able to chose between two classes : Hunter and Bomber :the goal for the hunter is to protect your ships and, for the bomber to destroy enemy ships. The Hunter is operating alone in a P-45 Nokota, and the Bomber is operating with a AI defending it with the back turret of the Mammoth Mogul. Each team have an equal fleet size, who is relative to the number of player. The basic fleet ( 1 player per team ) is composed of an aircraft carrier and a submarine. For each group of 5 players, the team gets an other aircraft carrier, for each group of 10 player, the team gets an other submarine. The map, excluding the water, will be entirely unloaded. On the ocean-only map many submarines and aircraft carriers may be generated.

Aircraft carriers are the respawn points for teams, they are heavily defended and have a lot of health points. The submarines, are less armored but as armed as an aircraft carrier. It is necessary to be stubborn and audacious to sink one of the both. To win, a team needs to be the last to have a aircraft carrier.

That is all for GTA Battleship, we hope to soon show you new visual content about this mod.

News about GTA Zombies ( or GTA:Z ) and the freemode server are close to arrive, for now please be patient.


There we go, it is over for this Devblog 0, so we meet next Sunday for the next !

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