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USDevblog #2 : Website, zombies and SDK !

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Hey everyone !

We are already to Devblog 2, and it is longer than last week’s !
On the program : website, forum, zombies and SDK.

I – Technical : Website and forum, last straight line !

Again this week, Transmet’s effort were concentrated towards the website and particularly the forum.
ome problems were to resolve, around the email system ( inscription, password and other things ), and the forum moderation system ( message deleting, topic locks, ban management page ) and architecture improvement in case of maintenance. A move towards Cloudflare has been made for the release.

Concerning LS:MP’s development, it will start again soon, the objective being the website/forum release because it is a key of LS:MP’s environment ( a LS:MP account is needed to access different servers ).


II - Community : Achievement unlocked : LS:MP Partner

We are talking about it for a long time now, the status "LS:MP Partner" finally arrived.

"Whut is it eh !?"
A partner is a community member working on an LS:MP server, this status will provide them access to a restricted channel on Discord and on the forums. The will have early-access to required resources for the creation of an LS:MP server, including LSMPServer. The interest is double : allowing the more invested members of the community to offer their server day-one at the release of LS:MP, and so have the biggest serverlist possible!

"How kan wee bekom partner !?"
To become partner, there is three obligatory conditions :
- be the mastermind of a server project on LS:MP
- have an active community, at least 100 members
- have a clear and defined project, and being invested in it
Once these three conditions fulfilled, you only need to submit us your application. It is necessary to join a project presentation ( PDF format ).

We will start distributing the partner status in a couple days !


III - Documentation : Zzzzzzz... Whuet !?

It is starting to move ! With the arrival of the partner status we restarted the development of the SDK ! For the developers, know that we will soon open a channel dedicated to functions that you want in the SDK.


IV - Projects : Some news about GTA:Zombies

We posted this week some screenshot and information about GTA:Z, this is only an aperitif compared to what is coming, but this will allow you to wait more ! - GTA:Z is a LS:MP server having for theme "zombie survival", to understand by that "who the objective is to survive into an apocalyptic world fulled with zombies". - The map is totally modified to fit with the theme, LS:MP’s capacities deleting the limits of map editing. - To those modifications adds the mapping capacity of the players, allowing them to construct their own shelter... or fortress. It depends on the resources ! - Two types of gameplay will be available : "GTA:Z Classic" and "GTA:Z Hardcore", the first one is made for long games / very long games, the second is for short and intense one. Deeper information will be in the next devblog, yes, that was an aperitif ! There is some screenshots.


This is over for this Devblog 2, to the next week !

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