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USDevblog #3 : Beta testers, UPnP, sauerkraut and SDK

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Hey everyone !

There is the third episode of our serie ! On the menu of this Devblog 3 : beta-testers, UPnP, sauerkraut and SDK !

I - Technical : A spoon of website and layers of network

After many weeks of work, the new version of the website ( and its forum ) is now accessible to beta-testers!
We count on you to provide us feedback in the dedicated channel, some things are still to perfect but the essential is there ! Thanks to those to register for their status .

The end of the website’s development means that the development of LS:MP itself will restart. The advancements of our network library : port management in particular, necessary to LS:MP. I give the floor to Transmet :

A new section of our networking library has been added. It is an UPnP library, like always, completely homemade for better performance, and as always written in C++. It permits to open LS:MP necessary ports on your internet router and so essential to play on P2P servers or create your own at home. If this UPnP functionality is not enabled, you won’t be able to make your own LS:MP server at home, unless you manually open the ports in your NAT. For those without UPnP functionalities ( or explicitly blocked it ), LS:MP should still work in client mode with UDP Hole Punching.

II - Community : Es ist eine Invasion !

Many things about the community, firstly you may have remarked the apparition of a new channel #general_de, a vote concerning it has positively ended on the #general_en channel, we are then wishing welcome to the German community !

Second novelty, and not least, confirmed members became beta-testers !
This status may be obtained :
- by participating constructively and qualitatively on Discord
- by being a translator
- by donating ( links are in the #acceuil channel on discord and in the "Support US" on the website )
And third novelty... The apparition of the #accueil channel on discord.

III - Documentation : SDK port side captain !

The SDK development is continuing and a first draft will appear on the site at the release, a dedicated channel will be opened in parallel on Discord to receive your ideas !

IV - Projects : A little bit of calm before the storm

Not a lot of thing to say this week, the efforts were concentrated on the website and on the SDK, there is no big changes.

Therefore, we want to present you our ambitions for the different servers :
- The freemode server has for vision a GTA Online limitless : forget the empty map, it is now entirely accessible ( indoors, aircraft carrier, yachts, submarine etc... ), forget those car and others who are exorbitantly priced, they are all accessible with the integrated trainers, forget those empty activities with an endless loading, they are now all accessible from the current instance !
- GTA:Z has for goal to be a reference of the multiplayer survival : because of these two type of gameplay ( GTA:Z Classic & GTA:Z Hardcore, as I said in the Devblog 2 ) we are aiming to permit to a very big community to have fun playing it hours and hours ! Unlike his 2 brothers it will be in limited access to beta-testers. The objective being to correct the gamemode’s eventual defaults for the public opening.
- GTA Battleshipis a server purely for relaxing, we do not have for goal to make it complex or nervous, the objective is simply to have fun alone or between friends.

This is the end of this Devblog 3, see you next Sunday !

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