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USDevblog #7 : New format

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Hey everyone !

After a week of absence, there we are, back for your weekly episode, a lot of announces and changes on the program, firstly, the abandon of the format we were using for the devblogs until today ( Technical - Community - Documentation - Projects ), the previous format turned out effective as a first step, soon after it became heavy and without interest, for the redaction as well as for the lecture. We are then moving to a more free, more technical and more efficient format.

Without waiting more, here starts the Devblog 7 !

1° Start of the work on the vocal chat

Arrived second in the most desired functionalities list, we passed many hours studying and implementing a vocal chat, at least on the streaming on a sound in parallel to the game.

So no vocal exchange yet, the work consist for now, to grab some data in memory ( player’s position and relative position of his head ) in order to create the 3D effect while broadcasting a sound ( volume and direction of the sound relatively to your position ).

Understand by this that it is not only the fruit of a couple hours of work, **we are hoping to show you more of that soon !


2° Loading of models and edition of the map

Again and always some reverse engineering ! We also worked this week on the loading of external models in-runtime and on the edition of the map ( respectively the first and fourth most desired functionalities ).

On the side of external resources loading, a bit work is left to do, but it is on the great path ! Everything passes by the complete comprehension of the class dedicated to that, it is a lot of work because it possesses a lot of unknowns, it then requires time and experimentation.

For the map editor it is different, the comprehension of YMAPs is already complete and the understanding of the section relative to the game’s class is well advanced.
The current objective is to allow the total suppression of an element of the map ( a building for example ) including it’s collisions, there is still a little bit of work to achieve it.

The researches on this subject being a lot visual ( unlike the rest ), Transmet realized a video showing what the in-runtime edition of YMAPs looks like, you can see the modification of their position and of their scale on the Z axis ( height ), good viewing !


3° New approach on the vehicles’ synchronization

There is the more interesting part for many : the work on the synchronization !
It hasn’t changed for a while, being already clean and powerful, that was not a priority, therefore because of the recent work in reverse engineering we were able to entirely review its functioning !

In the past, a part of the vehicle’s synchronization was based on a prediction algorithm, we wont give more details for an obvious reason, but that was not perfect. Some micros-corrections, for the vehicle's velocity, led to light lags.
This is now past history ! The synchronization of the velocity and the angular velocity are now brute, without native functions !

Other news, we have solid leads concerning the synchronization of collisions ( as always by reading/writing the memory ), we will tell you more soon


4° Pause on the website

Concerning the new version of the website we are aware that some corrections are still to bring, however, that is not a priority, the website has already took a lot of time in the past weeks.


5° Update of the Tipeee and of the Patreon

To complete recent evolution of the beta-tester status and of the grades on the forum, the Tipeee and Patreon page were been updated. For more information you can visit them by following the links on the "Support Us" page


6° LS:MP Partners and SDK

The SDK is taking lateness, it will be progressively shared to our partners via the #sdk channel, we thank them in advance for their feedback !
To become partner do not hesitate to apply for the status to Antasurris via PM, for more information, refer to the Devblog 6 or at the FAQ.


This is the end of this Devblog 7, to the next sunday !

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