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USDevblog #8 : Results of the work on DirectX

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Hey everyone !

This week was spent on a lot of researches on the RAGE engine, this devblog is then a little bit shorter that normally, but quite complex ! Lets start the Devblog 8 !

1° Update on the DirectX hook

We realized this week an update in our DirectX hook. Before it, the hook worked like a display layer on top of the game’s, it now works on the level of the game’s rendering !

That permits the creation of renders in correlation with the different display layers of the game ( the different moments in the rendering ). To illustrate that, a possible functionality ( and so in the program ) is the creation of "dynamic nametags", in other words, having a display corresponding to the players’ : the player is hidden behind a wall, the nametag is then too !

This update will also allow us to add 3D elements in the game, influence its rendering ( more details in the third part ), to create renders of 3D CEF or to draw primitives.


2° Tag displaying

The combination of the works done the last week on the map’s edition and of those done this week on the DirectX hook allowed the creation of a tag displayer for specific model instances ( bits of map, building, particular props... ). This one will be useful for every mappers wishing to know the name of an element of the map without having to take several hours to research on OpenIV

Being based on our DirectX, it will be totally fluid, and without performance impact even with many hundreds of tags displayed ( and this is a good thing because the same technique will be used to display nametags )

The next step is the extension at the displaying of other elements like textures for example.


3° Wireframe display

Still in the continuity of the work on the DirectX hook, we succeeded to edit the game’s rendering to display its wireframe ! That has clearly no big interest, or even none, but this is technically interesting, it allows to see the game in a totally different way !
Here is a video to show it


4° Entities’ animations speed

A brief work has also been done on the entities’ animations speed, there is the result with the edition of the speed on windmills :


5° Résultats du sondage

We were proposing last week a survey about the new format for our devblogs, here are the results !
As a reminder = "Yes", = "Why not" and = "No".

The new devblog format is more interesting : 35 votes
: 29
: 6
: 0
Result : yes as 82%

The new devblog format is more pleasant to read : 33 votes
: 24
: 9
: 0
Result : yes at 72%

The new devblog format is more complicated to follow : 32 votes
: 8
: 13
: 11
Result : not that much interesting at 40%

The new format being the best, we will continue to use it ! Thank you for your feedback !


This is the end of this Devblog 8, we will find each other next Sunday for a new devblog !

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