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USDevblog #9 : Texture editing !

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Hey everyone !

Yet another week of work on the study of RAGE, so again, the devblog is relatively small but really big on novelties !
Without further ado, lets start the Devblog 9 !

1° Beginning of the work on the NPC/AI traffic

Third most wished functionality, we began to think about the integration of the NPC/AI traffic.
That obviously require a lot of work on the research side as well as on the development side, we shall return to this when it will be presentable.
Be ready to see in future devblogs many works resulting of the studies lead on that subject !


2° In-runtime loading and replacing of textures

After a lot of work on that subject, cf last 2 devblogs, we successfully loaded and edited textures in-runtime !
We decided to tell you more about it with the format of questions-answers, if you have more questions, do not hesitate to use Discord or the forum !

"What does it concretely means ?"
No more no less that LS:MP now permits to load and edit textures directly in-game !
No need to bother yourself restarting your game, LS:MP replace textures directly in runtime.

"Being developer of a server, what does it allows me ?"
Firstly it allows you to edit the textures of your server, yes that is logic
Secondly if you wish to create your textures, you can forget the continuous and endless restarts during the testing periods, you now only need your textures in the dedicated folder and LS:MP does the rest ! The texture is not good looking ? No worries, replace it in the folder and get back in the game.

"Being a player on a server, what does it gives me ?"
The choice in the different servers being directly ingame on LS:MP, you are no longer forced to restart GTA V to charge new textures, those will be directly downloaded while connecting to the server and… that is all !
In the same way, if for a reason or an other the server’s owner decides to change a texture while you are ingame ( as part of the beta version of a server for example ), it is possible ! No need to disconnect from the server or to restart GTA V.

"How much time does it take to replace a texture ?"
It is immediate !

"Does the change of a texture affect the performance ?"
Nop, not during the change neither after.

"What are the next goals ?"
The logical continuation of texture editing is the edition of car models as well as peds and props models, this is the next goal !
An other is the 3D integration of CEF, we are already thinking about it, it will happens with the same method than currently.

Here is a video to see what it looks like :


3° CEF integration

We also profited of this week to integrate CEF in the LS:MP solution, some changes are still to do but globally, it is done. We will give you more information soon.


4° Multiplayer map editor

We worked on the add of new functionalities for the LS:MP map editor, the main being the implementation of an online mapping system.
The goal is to allow mappers to simultaneously work on their projects, their placements on the map will be synchronized, whether it is vehicles, peds, props or… textures !
If one of the mappers change a texture, this one will be sent to your server, saved, then immediately sent to other mappers currently in the session. We can imagine a similar system for models in the future.


5° Reconstruction of the native hook

We also proceed to a reconstruction of our native function hook, a simple spring cleaning. This does not affect its performance but aims only to ease the maintenance of LS:MP when GTA V updates.


This is the end of this Devblog 9, we are waiting for developers in the #sondages ( survey ) Discord channel ! To the next Sunday !

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