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USDevblog #15 : RPF in-runtime !

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Hey everyone !

After a lengthy absence, here is the 15th Devblog containing some information concerning the progress of Los Santos Multiplayer !


We are proud to be able to announce you that after more than a year of efforts, we now deeply master RAGE !
Behind the main goal being the research, this long work made us able to develop exclusive functionalities for LS:MP like the in-runtime edition of textures or the 3D integration of CEF. To those adds up new ones :

In-runtime loading and interpretation of RPF files : super interesting functionality for ambitious servers, LS:MP now permits the direct download of RPF files and the interpretation of their content ( .ydr, .ybn, .ytd, .ytyp, .ymap etc... ), in other words, you can now replace or add content into the game without restarting it.

In-runtime loading and interpretation of single files : for developers wishing to test a ressource without restarting their game or for servers only wanting to make small changes, this solution permits the replacement or the addition of content ( .ydr, .ybn, .ytd, .ytyp, .ymap etc... ) without using RPFs.

The in-runtime loading of 3D models was the most wanted functionality of the survey done at the beginning of the year, we are happy to have achieved it !

2° LS:MP map editor

The LS:MP map editor has been put aside for many months, the research studies on RAGE taking too much time to work on a project of this size in parallel.

Those researches now being completed, the map editor is back in the program ! However, we want your opinions on many questions concerning it.
We are then inviting you to consult and participate to the survey available in the #sondages channel in Discord.
Thank you in advance for your participation !

3° Recruiting

In order to release sooner, we are looking for a frond-end developer wishing to participate to the finalization of the website and of many CEF interfaces that will be integrated to LS:MP.
The skills necessary are a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS. We are not looking for a template editor.
If you are interested, send a PM to Antasurris containing atleast a minimum of personal creations as examples, we will review your applications within the week !

4° Evolution of the communication

Aware of the feeling of abandonment caused by the absence of devblogs, the communication format evolves : we will now communicate more often and more spontaneously. So, be ready to regularly see screens, videos, announces and other teasings...

To end this Devblog 15, we want to thank you all for your attention towards LS:MP, and that despite the lack of announces this past months.
We do everything we can to make of LS:MP the best multiplayer solution for GTA V, and we are expecting to make all of this concrete in the coming weeks

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Hi, can give me a BETA access key? Send me this to: [email protected] , im interested in test our proyect! Thanks!

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