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LS:MP is the fruit of 3 years of intensive work of persons in their free time : weeks, week-ends, days, evenings, nights... This is a sine qua non condition to allow LS:MP to be what it is, the best multiplayer mod for GTA V : no software and material restrictions neither on the content and the gaming comfort.

To this time constraint adds a financial one : we have to pay every months to maintain our services, website host, testing server... We also have many server projects like GTA:Z adding supplementary bills to those already said.

We are two students without incomes, our project is not to ruin ourselves, on the contrary, we would love to enjoy the generosity of our community to launch other projects, similar or not to LS:MP.

If you want to and you can afford it, it is with great pleasure that we accept your donation whether it is on Paypal, Tipeee or Patreon.

We thank you in advence.

The LS:MP Team.